Newsletter No.6


NO 6, 2018







Dear Parent/Guardian

The 2nd term is coming to an end tomorrow Thursday 26 July 2018 at 11.15am buses leave at 11:30am. It has been very cold of late and I thank the good Lord that the staff and children have survived the winter spell. The staff joins me in wishing you all a peaceful, happy and blessed school holiday.





TERM 2 2018



 Mrs Chilimanzi is still away on sick leave, Mr Mazarura is the Relief Teacher in Grade 5 Blue. Miss Mahubaba will be going on maternity leave in the 3rd term. We wish her a restful maternity leave. Mr Mazarura will be the Relief Librarian while she is away.


School Reports

 All the 2nd term reports will be sent via email. If you do not receive your child’s report by Friday 27 July 2018 get in touch with the Head.


Fees For The Third Term 2018

The school Management Board made a decision in 2016 to allow parents to pay half the fees at the beginning of term failing which the child will not be allowed to attend school.  Unfortunately many parents are not fulfilling these contractual obligations and this is having a significant impact on the smooth running of the school.

·         In order for the administration to manage the payment process we must now insist that the payments due at the beginning of term should reflect in our Bank accounts by the Friday before the start of term, which means for the Third term it will be 31st August 2018. Payments due at the start are half the Tuition fees and all of the levies charged.

The second half of the tuition fee should reflect in our bank account the Wednesday before half term begins which is 18 October 2018.

Tll outstanding arrears prior to the third term must be cleared


No pupil will be granted access to the school for classes and any sporting or cultural activities until payment is received as outlined above.


This will be strictly enforced on the first day of term so we would urge you not to send your child to school if you are unable to comply with the above.


School Fees


School fees for 3rd  Term 2018 are as follows:-


1st Half Term 2 2nd Half Term 2 Total for term
Prep School $720 $700 $1 420
Boarding Fees $1 800 Nil $1 800
Tuition Progress Class $770 $750 $1 520


Please note that all payments should be made through the bank. Our bank details are as follows:-


Account Name                 :        Eaglesvale Junior School                      Eaglesvale Junior School

Bank                               :        CBZ Ltd                                             Standard Chartered Bank

Branch                            :        Highfield (6107)              OR               Southerton

Swift Code                       :        COBZZWHA

Account Number              :         08921688610025                                8700219493900


Ecocash Biller Code for fees is 117089. You can use the short code below:-




When you have paid at the bank, please give us the deposit/R.T.G.S slips so that we can also issue you with our receipt for record purposes.


School Bus Pass


Please also note that due to increased operational costs of the bus fleet it has become necessary to raise the price to $3.50 per day. The bus passes in term 3 will be charged at $231.00. The full amount must be paid by Friday 31 August 2018. If you have not paid by then, no child will be allowed to go on the bus from Tuesday 4 September 2018. Banking details for the bus accounts are as follows:-


Account Name      :   Eaglesvale Bus Service               Eaglesvale Bus Service

Bank                   :    CBZ Ltd                      OR         Standard Chartered

Branch                :    Highfield (6107)                        Southerton

Swift Code           :    COBZZWHA                              SCLBZWHXXX

Account Number   :    08921688620021                      870021949400


The Bus Account Ecocash Biller code is 117084. Short Code is


*151*2*3*117084*AMOUNT# REF NO: (PUT NAME OF CHILD)


Please use only the above accounts for bus fares, do not deposit the bus fare into the tuition account.   All paid up bus passes to be collected before school open on Monday 3 September 2018.





School Calendar for Term 3, 2018


The Term begins – Tuesday 4 September 2018.

Half Term Break –  Friday 19 – Monday 22 October 2018

The Term ends – Thursday 6 December 2018


Holiday Working Hours


School closes                      Thursday 26 July 2018 at 11.15am buses leave 11.45am


Offices closed                      Friday 27 July 2018


Offices closed                      Monday 30 July 2018 – Friday 3 August 2018


Offices open                     Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August 2018

9.00am – 1.00pm


Offices closed                      Monday 13 August 2018 – HEROES DAY


Offices closed                      Tuesday 14 August 2019 – DEFENCE FORCES DAY


Offices open                     Wednesday 15 August 2018  – Friday 17 August 2018

9.00am – 1.00pm


Offices open                     Monday 20 August 2018 – Friday 24 August 2018

9.00am – 1.00pm


Offices open                     Monday 27 August 2018 – Friday 31 August 2018

9.00am – 1.00pm


Offices Open                     Monday 3 September 2018

8.00am – 4.00pm


ECD “A” and ‘B’ for 2019

We are now enrolling E.C.D. “A” ages 3 – 4 year olds and ECD “B” for ages 4 -5 year olds. If you have any siblings, relatives or friends looking for the above places, they can come to the school to fill in the forms. The forms are available from Mrs Mashiri, the Enrolment Officer. No desk fees will be charged for Grade 0. The parents will only pay fees for 2019.


Grade 1 places for 2019


We are also enrolling children in Grade 1 for 2019. If you have siblings, relatives or friends looking for Grade 1 places they can come to the school and fill in the forms. The forms are also available from Mrs Mashiri the Enrolment Officer.



If you are transferring your son/daughter to another school advice the school as soon as possible.


Change of address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses


Please ensure that the school office is kept up to date with any changes.


Grade 7 ZIMSEC Exams 2018 Timetable


Date                                Time                                                  Subject Paper

Monday 1 October             9.00am – 11.00am (2hrs)                       English 1

Tuesday 2 October             9.00am – 11.00am (2hrs)                       Mathematics 1

Wednesday 3 October         9.00am – 10.30am (1hr 30 mins)             Shona 1

Thursday 4 October            9.00am – 11.00am (2 hrs)                      General Paper 1

Friday 5 October                9.00am – 10.30am (1hr 45mins)              Agriculture 1

Monday 8 October             9.00am – 11.00am (2hrs)                       Shona 2

Tuesday 9 October             9.00am – 11.00am (2 hrs)                      Mathematics 2

Wednesday 10 October       9.00am – 11.00am (2 hrs)                      Agriculture 2

Thursday 11 October                    9.00am – 10,30am (1hr 30 mins)             English 2

Friday 12 October              9.00am – 10.30am (1hr 30 mins)             General Paper 2


Inter Schools Bible Quiz


Congratulations to the Bible Quiz team and their teacher Mrs Gwaka for coming 2nd out of 10 school at the Gateway Inter Schools Bible Quiz which was held last week on Friday at Gateway. The results were as follows:_


Position       School                            Points

1                  Courtney Selous Primary      45

2                  Eaglesvale Junior School      40

3                  Tichavakunda Primary                    36 ½

4                  Lendy Park Primary             36

5                  Cornerstone Primary           33

6                  Crest Breeders Primary        28

6                  Gateway Primary                28

8                  Haig Park Primary               25

9                  Barwick Primary                 23

10                Rydings Primary                 16


Clean Up Campaign


We had a very successful clean-up campaign this term at Shopping Centres in the northern part of Harare. We visited the following shopping centres:-


Chisipite Shopping Centre, Mabelreign Shopping Centre, Kilwinning Shopping Centre (Hatfield), Divaris Shops (Belvedere), Kamfinsa Shopping Centre and High Glen Shopping Centre.


The following parents joined us at our clean-up campaign:-


Mr Munyoro, Mrs Malandu, Mrs Zunzanyika, Mrs Ngwenya, Mrs Mandebvu, Mrs Chiviya, Mrs Gadzikwa and Dr Mayida.  Thank you very much to all the parents who came to support the children at the Cleaning Up Campaign.


Mr Munyoro donated drinks, Dr Mayida donated doughnuts and Mrs Malandu donated gloves to the children who had gone to do clean up at Kamfinsa Shopping Centre. The clean-up campaign was featured in the H-Metro and Newsday.


National Institute of Allied Arts – Speech and Drama Festival 2018


Grade Mark Percentage  Grade
Dancing Group 60 3rd
6 boys 78 2nd  Plus
6 girls 78 2ndplus
0 82 1st
1 88 1stplus
4 85 1stplus
5 95 Honours
3 87 1st Plus
6 93 Honours
7 88 1st plus
Tinodaishe Kampini 78 2nd Plus
Jayden Wisikoti 78 2nd Plus
Zoe Shamba 76 2nd Plus
Mia Mandebvu 74 2nd


Assessment of Performance Key

Honours                90% or more

1st Grade Plus        85% – 89%

1st Grade               80% – 84%

2nd Grade Plus        75% – 79%

2nd Grade              70% – 74%

3rd Grade Plus         65% – 69%

3rd Grade              60% – 64%

Ungraded              59% or less


Honours 1st plus 1st 2nd plus 2nd 3rd plus 3rd
2 4 1 5 1 0 1

Total Entries 14


Wildlife  Environmental Quiz Competition 2018


Given that there were ties in some scores, not positions, we ended up with 6 schools progressing to the next stage from each venue. These 12 schools which qualified are as follows ranked in alphabetical order.


From Arundel School :


ü  Hellenic

ü  Lendy Park

ü  Nettleton

ü  Ruzawi

ü  Rydings

ü  Widdecombe


From St. George’s :


ü  Bishopslea

ü  Chisipite Junior

ü  David Livingstone

ü  Dudley Hall

ü  Eaglesvale

ü  Springvale


Congratulations to Miss Muzengi and her team for qualifying for the next round.


The next round is scheduled for 15th September, 2018.




Please note: The children will be wearing their summer uniforms next term.



Maroon Shorts

Yellow Golf Shorts


White Socks

White Tennis shoes/takkies



Grades 1 – 7

Boys Summer Uniforms                                                      Girls Summer Uniforms

Khaki shorts and shirts                                                        Bottle green tunics

Brown shoes                                                                      Brown shoes (not sandals)

School blazer with badge                                                     School blazer with badge

School tie                                                                          Bottle green floppy hat

Bottle green floppy hat                                                       White socks

Grey socks                                                                        White short sleeved blouse


All the above items can be bought from our uniform shop at the school.



Uniforms available at the Tuckshop


Grades 1- 7

BOYS                                          Price Per    GIRLS                                                                     Price Per

                                                     Item                                                                                              Item

School blazer with badge         45.00          School blazer with badge                                  45.00

Long -sleeved jersey with logo 23.50          Long -sleeved jersey with logo                           23.50

Sleeveless jersey with logo      22.00          Sleeveless jersey with logo                                22.00

Khaki set                              20.00          Bottle Green tunics                                          22.00

School Tie                            10.00          White blouse – open neck                                 10.00

Grey Socks pair                       2.50          School Tie (for winter)                                     10.00

Bottle Green floppy hat           10.00          Pair short white socks                                        2.00

Short sleeved white shirt          10.00          Bottle Green floppy hat with logo                       10.00

Grey flannels                         15.00          Short sleeved white shirt                                   10.00

Fleece jacket  ( winter only )    23.00          Bottle green slacks –  for winter                         18.00

Fleece jacket  (winter only)                               23.00


BOYS                                                               GIRLS                                               

Maroon shorts                       15.00         Skort                                                           18.00

Golf shirt (white & maroon)     17.00          Golf shirt (white & maroon)                              17.00

House colours T shirt              8.00            House colours T shirt                                       8.00

School Tracksuit                    45.00          School Tracksuit                                             45.00


swimming                                                  swimming                                       

Black & yellow swimming trunk 32.50          Black & yellow swimming costume                   52.00

Swimming Cap (house colours) 14.50          Swimming Cap (house colours)                        14.50


Small Satchel with logo            25.00          Small Satchel with logo                                   25.00

Small sports bag with logo       30.00          Small sports bag with logo                              30.00

Book bag SMALL                   10.00          Book bag SMALL                                          10.00

Chair bag                              10.00          Chair bag                                                     10.00

Pencil case                            6.00            Pencil case                                                    6.00

Apron                                  6.00            Apron                                                          6.00

Satchels large                          35.00           Satchel large                                                    35.00




Maroon Shorts                      13.00            Yellow Golf Shirts                                                  17.00

Tracksuits                            45.00            Hats                                                                       8.00

Satchels                               25.00            Long sleeved Jersey                                   23.50

Sleeveless Jersey                  22.00            House T shirts                                               8.00

Apron                                   6.00             Maroon Trousers (Winter)                                     13.00

Sports bag                           25.00           Woollen hat  (Winter)                                               8.00


Contacts: 0774 627 284/0772 963 017


Banking Details

Eaglesvale Preparatory School S.D.C.
CBZ Chitungwiza T/C




The tuckshop now has a swipe machine and Ecocash Biller Code. The short code is:-*151*2*3*189868#


On reference you put the department: tuckshop/uniform.


Sports Results


Congratulations to Wayne Malandu for being selected Captain for the Harare North Provincial Rugby Team.




1stXV Team
Played Won Drew Lost
24 18 1 5
2nd Team
Played Won Drew Lost
10 6 3 1
Colts A
Played Won Drew Lost
29 23 3 3
Colts B
Played Won Drew Lost
8 7 1 0
Colts C
Played Won Drew Lost
2 2 0 0
3RD Team
Played Won Drew Lost
1 1 0 0
Grade 3 ‘A’
Played Won Drew Lost
16 9 1 6





Grade 3 ‘B’
Played Won Drew Lost
2 2 0 0





Played Won Drew Lost
26 9 14 3



Played Won Drew Lost
12 3 7 2



Played Won Drew Lost
2 1 0 1


Fillies A
Played Won Drew Lost
18 10 3 5
Fillies B
Played Won Drew Lost
8 2 4 2
Fillies C
Played Won Drew Lost
4 1 2 1
Fillies D
Played Won Drew Lost
3 1 1 1
Grade 3
Played Won Drew Lost
3 2 1 0




1st Team

Played Won Drew Lost
13 2 4 7



Played Won Drew Lost
3 0 3 0


Colts ‘A’

Played Won Drew Lost
12 5 4 3



Colts ‘B’

Played Won Drew Lost
2 1 0 1


Grade 3 Team

Played Won Drew Lost
3 1 0 2




‘A’ Team

Played Won Drew Lost
7 0 1 6


‘B’ Team

Played Won Drew Lost
1 0 0 1


Rugby Festivals 2nd Term 2018


1st Team

–       St John’s Super 8 Rugby, Eaglesvale came 2nd out of 8 schools.

–       Ruzawi 7 A-sdie Rugby Festival, Eaglesvale cane 2nd outof 8 schools.


Colts “A”

–       Hellenic Day and Night Festival, Eaglesvale came 4th out of 16 schools.

–       Eaglesvale Rugby Festival, Eaglesvale came 2nd out of 8 schools.

–       Rydings Rugby Festival, Eaglesvale came 1st out of 4 schools.


Grade 3

–       Lilfordia Festival, Eaglesvale came 4th out of 10 schools.

–       Gateway Festival, Eaglesvale came 4th out of 10 schools.

–       Ruzawi Festival, Eaglesvale came 4th out of 8 schools.


Hockey Festivals 2nd Term 2018


1st Team

–       Ruzawi Festival, Eaglesvale came 3rd out of 8 schools.


Fillies “A”

–        Eaglesvale Hockey Festival, Eaglesvale came 2nd out of 8 schools.


Food for thought: “ God’s promises never fail”                                                                                                       


Yours sincerely






Mr M Bvumbe


Eaglesvale Junior School