PRIDE (Polite, Responsible, In Control, Do you best, Earn and give respect), Our theme of the year for 2018 has been a success to-date, thanks to your continued support. The theme week was eventful, fun and educative. It saw pupils being taken into the real world as they cleaned the streets of Harare, our very own school yard and interacted with the less privileged at the Centre for Total Transformation. Not forgetting the UNHU/UBUNTU lessons they had with ‘anagogo nana sekuru’ who taught them to be respectful individuals in accordance with our Zimbabwean culture, not only in a classroom setup but in all spheres of their lives. At the end of the week, most children went home with a smile on their faces as they walked away with some really good life lessons.
Most onlookers admired us as we embarked in the different social responsibility programs and we are proud to say that in some instances our activities attracted media. Our ‘Clean Up Campaign’ was featured in Pachikoro and H-Metro, with a special editorial by the H-Metro editor titled ‘Well Done Eaglesvale’ which urged other schools and the general public to copy such a good initiative as the streets of Harare are getting dirtier each day.
We would like to thank first and foremost, the parents for your supportive role in the planning and implementation stages. We are happy to mention that the theme t-shirts were sold out in that week, thank you. A big thank you to the following parents for joining us as we embarked in the ‘Clean Up Campaign’:

1. Mrs. Ngwenya
2. Mrs. Changunda
3. Miss Janasi
4. Mrs. Rutsito
5. Blessed Mahiya
6. Mrs. Saravoyi
7. Mr. Chinyanga

and to Mrs.Makusha for joining us as we interacted with the less privileged at CTT. We also acknowledge Mr Moyo for working behind the scenes.

Most importantly, we would like to thank the children for their willingness to undertake the noble cause which we hope will shape them to be leaders that strive to uphold traits of being Polite, Responsible, In Control, Do their best, Earn & Give Respect. We would also like to thank the PTA for ensuring that we closed the week in style with an all-expenses paid Fun Day. Pupils had so much fun and it was well deserved as they had put in so much work throughout the week.