We pray that you and your families are all keeping safe both physically and mentally during this extremely difficult period that we are all going through as a nation.

Information concerning the lockdown is constantly changing and very often this is confused by incorrect information being transmitted by various sectors.

It has been difficult to communicate with you regarding possible opening times for the School as we have not yet had any firm direction from the Ministry of Education.

Some of you will have seen various dates in social media and the press regarding opening of Schools on 28 July 2020. Please note that we have yet to receive any official communication concerning opening and until we do, School will not open on 28 July.

We will, therefore, continue with our program as it is.

Whilst we have had some teething issues with the online learning we are offering, the vast majority of pupils have connected and are receiving online lessons and assignments.

It is vitally important that we continue with the education of your children as best we can and especially for those that will be writing Cambridge IGCSE or As/A level in October.

It is important to note that when we are physically allowed back into school we will not be restarting with any work; teachers will simply continue from where they are in the syllabus from their online teaching.

Please note the following:

  • The Senior School will have a break from online lessons on Friday 19 and Monday 22 June.
  • In this regard it is important that you continue to monitor your child’s time spent on electronic devices. Excessive time spent on devices is not good for mental health and we all need to actively disengage and spend time doing other things such as taking a walk, talking face to face with others, playing non-electronic games.
  • Lessons will commence again on Tuesday 23 June which will be Day 4 of our timetable.
  • The School will conduct mid-year mock examinations which are used to assess all our students and especially the examination candidates. We are not yet sure whether we can conduct these examinations physically and if not then we will have to offer an online examination option. Dates will be advised in due course.

Mock examinations are important for the public examination candidates, as grades that are achieved are used to formulate a predicated grade which is required by Cambridge.

  • It is very important in this regard that students keep their coursework up to date.
  • We will be sending parents/guardians a mid-term report during week commencing 29 June 2020. Please note that this report will be entirely comment based and will not include any grades for the subject.
  • 2021 Form 1 applicants will be required to write the ATS Common Assessment Paper (CAP).

ATS does not have permission to conduct this paper on Saturday 4 July which was the original date. Parents of applicants will be advised as soon as permission is granted, and a new date is set.