Dear Parent/Guardian

The staff and I wish you all a happy New Year (2019). I hope and pray that it is going to be a very successful and rewarding term.


We welcome back Miss Mahubaba who was on maternity leave in the 3rd term of 2018. A special welcome to the following new members of staff:-

Assistant Teachers

Mrs Musasa ECD “A” Blue

Miss Sithole ECD “A” Red

Miss Nyoka ECD “B” Red

Mrs Nyabvure Grade 1 Yellow

Computers Teacher Grades 4 – 7 – Mr Manuel

A big welcome to all the new pupils from Grade 0 – 7. I hope they will enjoy their stay at Eaglesvale Junior School.

School Calendar 1st Term 2019

School begins                          8 January 2019

Half Term                               21 February – 25 February 2019

Term Ends                              11 April 2019

School Reports   Your child’s report was e-mailed to you during the first week of the school holiday. If you did not receive your child’s report please get in touch with Mrs Mashiri the Enrolment Officer or the Head.  
Grade 7 ZIMSEC Results   Glenview/Mufakose District. Grade 7 Analysis 2018 ranking based on units (see attached copy)   Glenview/Mufakose District Grade 7 Analysis ranking based on subjects (see attached copy)