Dear Parent/Guardian
As we approach the half term break we would like to thank our Heavenly
Father for the wonderful rains we have experienced of late. We break for the
half term break which starts tomorrow at 1.00pm. Please note there will be
no school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:-
Monday – Half Term Break
Tuesday – Half Term Break
Wednesday – National Youth Day Public Holiday
School will resume on Thursday 23 February 2018. The staff joins me in
wishing you all a very peaceful, happy and blessed half term break.

We welcomed back Mrs Tande from sick leave on Monday 12 February 2018. I would like to thank Mrs Chaza
who was the Relief Teacher in 2 Red for her hard work during her absence.

Assessment Cards
Your child will bring his/her assessment card tomorrow which should be signed and returned to
the class teacher on Thursday 23 February 2018.

ECD “A” and ‘B’ for 2019
We are now enrolling E.C.D. “A” for ages 3 – 4 years old and ECD “B” for ages 4 -5 years
old. If you have any siblings, relatives or friends looking for the above places, they can come
to the school to fill in the forms. The forms are available from Mrs Mashiri, the Enrolment
Officer. No desk fees will be charged for Grade 0. The parents will only be charged fees for 2019.

Grade 1 places for 2019
We are also enrolling children in Grade 1 for 2019. If you have siblings, relatives or friends looking for Grade 1
places. They can also come to the school and fill in the forms. The forms are also available from Mrs Mashiri,
the Enrolment Officer.

If you are transferring your son/daughter to another school next term please inform the office in writing as
soon as possible.

Change of address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
Please ensure that the school office is kept up to date with any changes.

Children’s Cancer Day – KIDZCAN
We will be celebrating Orange Day on Friday 16 February 2018 and not on
Thursday 15 February as diarised on the school calendar. The children will come
to school on Friday wearing ORANGE. They will contribute $1.00 or more to
assist in the work the Children’s Cancer Association of Zimbabwe is doing across
the country. We welcome representatives from Kidzcan on Friday to speak to
the children at assembly.

Name Badges
These cost $1.50 per badge. Please remember ALL children are to wear name
badges and should a child lose one, new ones can be ordered from Mrs
Chibanda, the School Secretary. Please note these take time to process.

The School Development Committee (PTA)
The School Development Committee Annual General Meeting date has been changed because the auditors are
still working on the books and there is need to give you their report before the AGM on 1 March 2018.

School Magazine 2017
The school magazine for 2017 is now with the printers. We expect the
magazine to be out by end of February 2018. The school has always met the
production costs from space sales, advertisements and donations. This year is
no exception and we look forward to your usual support.

School Uniforms
The children should be smartly dressed at all times. It is now summer, all the
children from Grade 1 – 7 should wear their summer uniforms. Please make
sure that your child’s uniforms are in good condition. All items should be
marked with the child’s name and not initials for easy identification. School hats
should be worn to and from school, at break-time and during afternoon
activities. During afternoon activities children should put on the proper kit for
that particular sporting activity. Blazers are compulsory every Mondays and
Fridays and at special functions.

You can contact the ladies at the Uniform shop on the
following numbers Contacts: 0773883417, 0773639223, 0774627284.
You can now purchase uniforms through the bank via P.O.S. from the tuckshop

Lost and found property
We have piles of lost and found property collected each afternoon by grounds
staff and all of it is unmarked. In future, all lost unmarked items will be sold.

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