On 27 and 28 January 2018, we sent 4 teams to the internationally acclaimed World Scholars Cup hosted by Peterhouse Boys School. The four teams comprised 2 younger senior teams consisting of form threes and two older senior teams consisting of form fours and lower sixes. All teams did outstandingly well and two of the teams qualified to attend the global rounds hosted in Melbourne Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Barcelona, Spain.

Honourable mentions include:

Darlene Zishiri who did well in the debate section.

Ropafadzo Chimwara was the best in the Science category.

Praise Kwashiwa scored highly in the essay competition.

Tawananyasha Matogo qualified to be an adjudicator in the debate showcase.

Mufarowashe Mangwiro successfully landed a top ten finish in the Art and Music category.

Chikomborero Manoah qualified for the debate showcase and finished third overall.

Team Accolades include:

Team comprising Ropafadzo Chimwara, Praise Kwashiwa and Darlene Zishiri achieved 3 silver team medals

Chikomborero Manoah, Tawananyasha Matogo and Mufarowashe Mangwiro achieved first place overall, first place in the Scholars’ bowl and first place in the Scholars’ Challenge.

We are looking forward to great results from both teams that qualified to attend the global rounds.