Coronavirus and COVID-19

Coronavirus and COVID-19

We are well aware of the fact that the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 is present in the country.  As a school, we have taken the decision to continue with our normal programme until circumstances dictate otherwise.

Although we are intent on normal school activity wherever possible, there are a number of special measures that will be put into place. These measures include the following:


  • The purchase and distribution of hand sanitizers that will be positioned around the school. Pupils are encouraged to supply their own hand sanitizer that they can carry in their own bag.
  • Our cleaning program in bathrooms, public areas, etc. will be intensified.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation in all areas.
  • The school will become a ‘handshake and hug-free’ zone.
  • Educating the children about the prevention of the virus.

Please do not send your child to school if they are not well.  If we suspect that a pupil has a temperature or is showing any flu like symptoms, we will immediately isolate them.  Parents will then be notified.

We will endeavour to stay informed through the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

As a school we are committed to being as proactive as possible.  We will continue to prioritize the safety of your children and to monitor what is a rapidly evolving situation.

All communications to parents will be done through (D6, Email, SMS). Therefore, please ensure your contact details are current.

Please contact the school office should you have any queries.

Eaglesvale Senior School