The sundial

This sundial, a dominant feature of the landscape at Eaglesvale, is one that endeared some students to the school.
Sundials were used to tell time by the shadow the sun made.Historians do not know exactly who invented the sundial,
since it occurred so long ago around 1500 B.C. Here the Vale sundial is pitted here against some ancient designs.

One wonders; if people in the old days thought it prudent to be able to tell what time of day it was; what more those in the 21st century?

Time’s the king of men; he’s both their parent, and he is their grave, and gives them what he will, not what they crave.’,says the world’s
greatest writer, William Shakespeare.

As exam time approaches, here are a few very simple tips to manage time.

1. Study on the bus; yes that 45 minute ride to and from school can move you from a C to a B.
2. Spend break and lunch times with like-minded students and discuss that history topic you cannot wrap your mind around.
3. Go off-line and fast social media for a while and believe me, you will not miss out.
4. Avoid time wasters, and these range from accompanying a friend to the toilet to attending parties.
5. Learn to say NO.

Another Shakespeare quote; ‘Let every man be a master of his time’,
Macbeth, Act 3; 1