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Welcome to the Eaglesvale School Website

Our Mission

We are a caring christian, co-educational school and multi-cultural school which aims to give children a well rounded education, both academically and extra-murally, based on sound biblical moral principles.

Our History

The school was first established in Bulawayo in 1911, but moved to Daisyfield near Gweru in 1914 and then to the present location in 1948. Eaglesvale is one of the oldest schools in Zimbabwe.

Who Are We?

We are a christian co-educational boarding and day school situated on approximately 100 acres of well treed and developed estate. Eaglesvale can be found 12km from the city center to the south west of the Zimbabwe’s capital.

Why Us

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Up coming events

Junior School -Culture Week 21 – 24 May

Senior School Climate Change Clean up at Harare Gardens – 6 June 2018

Eaglesvale Senior School
Eaglesvale Senior School1 week ago
Tino Mupezeni has not been back at Eaglesvale since he collected his results in 2011! It was good to see you again. Seen here with Rev Mundamawo and Mrs Mukudu.

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