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Welcome to the Eaglesvale School Website

Our Mission

We are a caring christian, co-educational school and multi-cultural school which aims to give children a well rounded education, both academically and extra-murally, based on sound biblical moral principles.

Our History

The school was first established in Bulawayo in 1911, but moved to Daisyfield near Gweru in 1914 and then to the present location in 1948. Eaglesvale is one of the oldest schools in Zimbabwe.

Who Are We?

We are a christian co-educational boarding and day school situated on approximately 100 acres of well treed and developed estate. Eaglesvale can be found 12km from the city center to the south west of the Zimbabwe’s capital.

About Us

Eaglesvale is a christian co-educational boarding and day school situated on approximately 100 acres of well treed and developed estate. It can be found 12km south west of Harare city centre in Zimbabwe. The Dutch Reformed Church established Daisyfield School and Orphanage in Bulawayo in 1911. Daisyfield then later evolved into present day Eaglesvale.

In 1948 the school relocated to the outskirts of Salisbury (now Harare). The new school was renamed Bothashoff after a Rev Botha who had worked very hard for the school. In 1986 the name Eaglesvale was adopted. Currently being over 100 years old, Eaglesvale is one of the oldest schools in Zimbabwe.

Eaglesvale caters for students of every academic level. Many different nationalities and cultures exist. There are over 700 pupils in the senior school. To cater and teach these pupils, Eaglesvale employs well qualified and experienced teaching staff. Students, alumni and staff of Eaglesvale affectionately call their school ‘Vale’.

Eaglesvale has been acclaimed by the public for running a successful bus transportation service with over 18 buses, run by a team of skilled, professional administration and drivers. It owns a fleet of school buses that transport students to and from school at 0630HRS, 1300HRS and 1630HRS everyday to places all over Harare; the exception being Fridays where less buses travel to one stop due to the nature of the after school curriculum structure.


Eaglesvale, one united school,
Staff and pupils, come oh Lord to you
Where we’ve failed You, where we’ve not shown You’re love
Forgive us now.

We submit Lord to You’re Kingship,
We want to glorify You’re Name
In everything we think and say and do,
Our desire is the same.
May Your joy fill our hearts,
May You’re love our lives rule,
May we spread Your peace and caring,
Lord we want to serve You.

Eaglesvale (echo: Eaglesvale), worships you Father,
Eaglesvale (echo: Eaglesvale), loves you Jesus,
Eaglesvale (echo: Eaglesvale), surrenders to Your Holy Spirit,
We, are, Yours..

Join our Alumni

Eaglesvale Senior School
Eaglesvale Senior School6 days ago
To all our Old Valians, please log onto www.eaglesvale.ac.zw. and register as an alumni. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.
Eaglesvale Senior School
Eaglesvale Senior School1 week ago
Dear Eaglesvale Alumni

We are writing to ask if you would kindly register as an Alumnus through our web page www.eaglesvale.ac.zw.

This is a simple process and you can update your details at any time.

Any contact information collected by ourselves is regarded as strictly Private and Confidential and will not be distributed to any third party.

You will currently find access toward the bottom of the home page but the Alumni button will move to the top of the page shortly.

Yours sincerely

Dennis W Dennis Anderson